Inferno. Falter Verlags GmbH. Gmhb / Jung v. Matt GmbH / 2015

The Austrian newspaper Falter acts with its detailed investigative stories as a mirror of society. We produced an illustrated journey leading through eight layers of hell, which showcase some of todays social, political end economical problems.
A contemporary hell where we sink in until Falter drags us out.

Wild created the interactive microsite for mobile and desktop devices for the campaign. Go to Falter Inferno Interactiv


Cannes Lions International 2016
3 x Gold Lions in category Digital Craft
1 x Gold in Design

D&AD Awards 2016
Graphite Pencil

Webby Award 2016

Jung v. Matt GmbH

Philipp Comarella, Simon Griesser, Sandra Reichl, João Faria

Music & Sound Design: Fifth Music, Mathias Hacksteiner

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the end.