Old Man’s Journey. Broken Rules Interactive. / Salon Alpin / 2017

Old Man’s Journey is a captivating puzzle adventure about life, loss, and hope. Designed and developed by a team of five in Vienna, Austria, it uses a clever landscape-shifting game mechanic to solve puzzles and reveal an emotional narrative told entirely through imagery and sound. .

The game is available on various platforms, go to Old Mans Journey.


Apple Design Award 2017

“We picked this game as an Apple Design Award winner because of its immersive and meaningful game play, beautiful, hand-drawn art style, and whimsical, exceptionally crafted landscapes. Old Man’s Journey conveys universal truths that transcend cultures and the many stages of life, and delivers an experience focused on originality, simplicity, refined game mechanics, and rich interactivity.”

Philipp Comarella, Simon Griesser

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