4 Diamanten Reichl & Partner GmbH / 2016

Reichl & Partner commissioned us to produce, design and direct a TV Spot for 4 Diamanten with focus on artistic use of cans. The spot focusses on honest concerns about over-fishing. Instead of highlighting romanticized pictures of fishermen, we worked out a way to sculpt a tuna and all other elements of the spot from cans. A well balanced hybrid of CG and real sculpting resulted in this beautiful spot.

Wild created the interactive microsite for mobile and desktop devices for the campaign. Go to Falter Inferno Interactiv


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Reichl & Partner GmbH

Direction –
Lip Comarella, Simon Griesser
Design –
Daniela Leitner
Production, Script –  Sandra Reichl
Render God – Christoph Schindelar
Modeling – Christian Leitner

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